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Whee for OOC posts!

Hey everyone -- I'd just like to say welcome and welcome back! Yay! Ehem. Anyway.
We're already in the thick of some drama within our dear little posty world. Amazing what can happen when you are just visiting a vampire club, eh? hehe. Either way, it may be confusing to all who are involved, and all who are not. SO, I am gonna give a basic outline of what is going on. Yeah.

Gwen and Slyvie went to the Circus of the Damned....as did Cadence and, ta DA! Arii was there too. So...drama IS Arii...and he is forcing poor, helpless Cadence to change for the first time.

Meanwhile - Richard, Jean-Claude and Anita are down in the bowels of the Circus, fighting over drama. (the Killing Dance drama, o'course!) Odessa is making her rounds, when she feels the power of their fighting surge..so, she goes to investigate.

(this is where it gets confusing...)
The two Storylines are going to merge...and it will be relatively painless (except for me..who is playing three involved characters. oi.) Just make sure you keep an eye on both threads for what is going down. Gwen is going to try to find Jean-Claude to tell him about Arii and Candece...and She's going to bump into Odessa. Odessa is going to about-face and head into the club (her main priority, o'course) and Gwen is going to go down and get JC. Richard will find out and come a'runnin' and then it'll be a big ol' hooplah since we KNOW Anita will be all up in that shit. Eventually, we will all probably end up in the same place (and probably start a new thread for the battle? if there is one? Yah.) so, hold tight. Phew.

Also, keep in mind that we tend to want to post and post and post...but, we need to keep some semblence of an order to our posting to avoid writing someone out of a scene. Amanda - I did a little Sylvie action in the last post I made so we didn't get Xed out. I know you don't mind, but I wanted to let you know. :D

SO, yeah...order...and um, have fun? I'm happy we're already so excited...and such!
Questions, let me know.
Love you all -
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